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Rachael SARC, LLC is an independent fine jewelry company based in New York City.


In 1999, Rachael became a Certified Gemologist at The Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California followed by a move to New York City. As a New York-based jeweler and designer, Rachael has worked with some of the most well-known brands in the industry and the rarest diamonds and gems in the world. Her experience spans designing and hand crafting one-of-a-kind pieces, a combination that is unique to most in the industry.

At the insistence of her loyal base of private clients, Rachael launched her first collection in February 2014.  The first collection focuses on a modern classic aesthetic using unique design angles that exude a sense of confidence, sophistication and wearability. As a symbol of the personal meaning of this first collection, Rachael has named each piece after a close family member or friend who has inspired her in a meaningful way.

Rachael SARC Craftmanship:

Having worked with some of the rarest gems, Rachael understands the importance of quality and precision. A key mission of the Rachael SARC brand is to provide the standards of quality and luxury expected from high jewelry, at a more modest price point. The owner of a Rachael SARC piece may notice small details on earring backs or the angles of earring posts. These details are examples of the craftsmanship Rachael pours into every piece so that it is most visible and beautifully displayed on the wearer.

Every Rachael SARC piece is hand crafted in New York City. Rachael directs her team explicitly on the methods used in the craftsmanship and carefully inspects each piece for quality.